Your Video Marketing Strategy Checklist

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Video marketing is a great way to market your business or nonprofit by using specific demographic and industry information to create a cost-effective, targeted video that your prospective clients will stop to watch.

Video marketing is a powerful medium to communicate and connect with prospective and current clients.  If you spend your dollars wisely, you can use video to compete with larger firms with bigger marketing budgets. That’s money well spent.

Shooting A Marketing Video

Although you can buy a camera and shoot your own videos, quality and content can suffer unless you know how to use locations, lighting and audio to create professional looking and sounding content. And then you must edit. Bottom line: If your video looks sloppy, people might assume the same about your business and the services you offer.

If you hire professionals to perform other marketing tasks for your firm, including writing brochures and print materials, creating a marketing plan, designing a website, business development or setting strategy, then consider adding another important tool: video production.

A video marketing strategy will be important for creating cost-effective videos. Here is a checklist to help you get started on your firm’s video.

Checklist for Creating Your Video Marketing Strategy

Create a clear business, recruitment or training goal. What type of video and distribution will best accomplish that goal?

What type of visual content do you want? Do you want to keep costs down by using stock video with voice over or do you want to film members of your team communicating the message? Live filming is usually more expensive, but if edited properly, it will have a long shelf life.

Will it present a mini-story? Will music support the video or will it actively guide the viewers’ emotion? Will the piece be humorous?

Do you want to develop a script for the video? Alternatively, the video producer can ask well-planned questions to elicit authentic responses from your professionals, staff or clients/customers.

Is the area to be highlighted full of jargon or sophisticated content? If so, seek a producer with experience in business marketing who can understand and communicate the content clearly.

What look do you want to convey? Will you scout locations or will your producer do that? You will always need permission and insurance to shoot video in a building you don’t own and, frequently, you need permission even to shoot outside. On the other hand, picking a noisy public location may not be worth it if you need good sound.

Will you use photography and/ or a green screen to show charts, images and graphics in your finalized video to achieve quality footage? If using a production company, how many rounds of edits are included in your contract? What additional rates apply? Does your production company address video hosting and distribution to your targeted clients?

If you consider using video as “too out there,” remember that 20 years ago websites were considered by some to be a fad, a flash in the pan and an extravagance only used by large firms to impress clients. Within the next five years, we will likely see the majority of company and nonprofit websites feature bios, service and product overviews or thought leadership videos.

Will you create your video marketing strategy now or wait for your competitors to take the lead? Contact us to get in touch and discuss the first steps. Don’t worry – this is what we do and we will guide you every step of the way.

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