How is Internet Video Marketing Most Effective?

Benefits of Internet Video Marketing

We know how hard it is to wrap your mind around marketing when client work is taking the bulk of your time. You don’t even have time to breathe and every time you look up, a new marketing tool is all the rage and sales people are pounding on your door.

Well, the idea of using video for your marketing is not new – proof lies in the many successful TV commercials on national as well as on local channels. What’s new are the growing numbers of consumers who turn to the internet for ANY kind of advice and buying decisions.

Everyone HEARD of YouTube, but how do I make it work for my business?

Don’t worry, we’ll take some of the work off your hands! We have been using video for almost a decade to tell our clients’ stories and give their clients a way to learn about their business.

We will work with you on the hard work of the how and what to produce and optimize for the internet.

Now, one of the questions we hear the most is this one:

How many videos should I make to market my business? Is just one or two good or should I create more?

Ten years age, when YouTube was in its infancy, if you put up a handful of videos and someone was searching for you, you would likely get found pretty easily. Today, if you upload one or two videos you would pretty much guarantee that your videos would never be found. That’s because hundreds of hours of video content are uploaded each minute.

YouTube and Google reward you for consistently putting up fresh new video content. That means, if you are using video to boost for search engine rankings and get found online, you need to create video on an ongoing, consistent basis.

But what am I going to talk about in all those videos?

Easy; you talk about what you know best: your business. Regardless of your occupation, people are usually having very similar questions when they contact you.

Are you an accountant? Surely, you get many questions about the implications of the Affordable Care Act these days.

You are a lawyer? What are your fields of expertise? Explain how specific laws are affecting your clients.

As a physician, you will gain trust by speaking about topics that come up in your practice often.

By providing educational videos through your website or YouTube channel, you can create a following of people who (1) look forward to getting your videos, (2) comment on them, (3) begin discussions about them, (4) like them, (5) share them through social media networks.

Not only that, when you create new fresh educational video content, the search engines will reward you over time for doing that. You’re actually providing a great service to your clients and consumers by putting out great new video content consistently.

Really? I have to record video all the time?

No, actually, you don’t. Our producers will work with you on an effective video marketing package. We take care of the video marketing strategy development, scripting, location scouting, lighting and recording.

In post-production, your videos will get edited into an internet-ready format. We upload your videos to YouTube and optimize for search engines. You choose whther you’d like to embed your videos on your website.

You can now provide links to your videos on your website, Facebook page, blog, newsletters, and any other online communication.

Great! How do I get started?

We’re ready when you are. Our team of professional marketing consultants, producers, and videographers is looking forward to work with you.

Just give us a call or shoot us an email through the form below – we’ll provide you with the requested information and take it from there.

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